3 Reasons Why The Evolve Maxxx Is A Popular Vaporizer

Feb 1, 2023by Julianne Bautista

3 Reasons Why The Evolve Maxxx is a Popular VaporizerThe Wulf Mods Evolve Maxxx 3-in-1 Kit is a vaporizer you will enjoy if you love your wax concentrates! The Maxxx is a versatile device with three modes: Nectar Collector Use, Wax Pen Use, and Dab Rig Use. This device features three voltage settings (3.2V-White, 3.7V-Blue, and 4.2V-Green) and a 15-second preheat functionality. The Maxxx employs a built-in silicone jar and airflow valve for the richest flavors and the smoothest hits.

Wulf Evolve Maxxx in wax pen, dab rig and nectar collector mode on wooden texture

Nectar Collector

The Evolve Maxxx features a Nectar Collector Mode, where you can slurp your concentrates like a straw. To start, screw the mouthpiece onto the top of the battery, and on the other side, twist the base on the battery and nectar tip. Once the tip has been warmed to your desired temperature, press the tip against the concentrates and gently inhale.

Tip: Make sure that the tip has fully cooled down before removing it—it can be very hot, so be careful.

Wulf Evolve MAXXX in woman's hands in front of plants and bright natural lighting

Wax Pen

For a quick on-the-go session, the Evolve Maxxx features a Wax Pen Mode! To activate the Wax Pen Mode, screw the coil you want into the base and connect the mouthpiece. Next, screw the mouthpiece onto the battery. Then, remove the cap from the coil quartz atomizer and place your wax materials in the chamber. Once you have closed it back up, you are ready for inhalation!

Wulf Evolve MAXXX standing with packaging on top of a planter

Dab Rig

Use the Maxxx as a dab rig! To start, screw in the coil to the base of the Maxxx. Next, screw the airflow piece into the base and twist it onto the battery. Once it has been connected altogether, attach the glass adapter. After, remove the cap from the coil atomizer and add your wax materials into the chamber. Then, fill your water pipe/rig with water and insert the battery into the adapter of the rig. Once finished with every step, inhale from the mouthpiece and press the carb once the rig is filled with vapor to set out airflow.

Tip: For the best performance, make sure all of the connections on the unit have been cleaned prior.


Having the ability to use your device in several ways is a must-have for your sessions! The Evolve Maxxx has everything you need to achieve the perfect vapor production from your favorite concentrates. To check out more of our vaporizers, make sure to visit WulfMods.com!