5 Important Vape Tips To Remember

Dec 28, 2022by Julianne Bautista

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If you are new to vaping or just enjoy upgraded sessions, then read closely! Experience the best rips by keeping up with your vape’s mod, exploring different flavors, and much more. Understand the most essential tips to keep your vape sessions fun and filled with velvety clouds. Here are some tips to remember:

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Change Up Your Flavors

First things first, never adapt a Vaper’s Tongue—which means that you can no longer taste your vape’s flavor anymore. From sweet fruity flavors to well-known candy brands, there are so many vape juices to choose from—try not to just puff your favorite.

Tip: Be adventurous and avoid sticking to one flavor to puff!

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Keep Up With Device Maintenance

Maintaining a vape’s build is important, and it is a must to always keep a device clean at all times. A clean vape means a smoother and improved session. If you use your vaporizer on a daily basis, residue builds up overtime.

Make changing your coils a habit. Used coils affect your vaping sessions, and many beginner vapers often do not realize how essential it is to replace your coils. If you start to notice a burnt taste to your device, then it’s most likely time to change them. After changing your coil, you'll want to prime the wicks with vape juice to avoid dry hits and bad tastes.

Tip: Remember to keep your device tidy by emptying it and using saturated dab swabs to clean its dirty crevices. Make sure to check out our Replacement Parts!

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Vape Breaks Are Needed

Give yourself a breather! Another important fact to keep in mind is to wait before you vape again. Try to avoid chain vaping and wait about 30 seconds to take another hit from your device. The reason being is that you need to let the liquid soak within its coil to produce smoother hits at all times.

Tip: If you are experiencing dry puffs, then it is recommended that you wait a longer time.

Place Your E-Liquids In Proper Places

Your device isn’t the only that needs maintenance—vape juices do too! You must know that e-liquids need to be stored properly and in a safe place. Therefore, do not place your vape juices in hot areas; it is best to leave them in cooler and darker places as this preserves nicotine better.

Tip: Once you have bought your e-liquid, replace the container with either a tinted or a glass jar as this enables it to maintain its overall quality.

Enjoy Yourself

Vaping is all about fun! Many people tend to choose the wrong flavors or devices that they just end up getting disappointed about their experience. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re not too pro yet, just let loose and give yourself an enjoyable experience.

Tip: Puff cheerios and learn some new vape tricks!


Jump into the vaping world and keep these important tips in mind! If you’re thinking of ditching smoking cigarettes, then vaping is the best substitute to change it up. So what are you waiting for? Check out our high-powered vaporizers for puffing smooth, endless clouds.