The History of Vapes: How Did It All Start?

Mar 20, 2023by Julianne Bautista

The History of VapesVaping has taken popularity and changed across the world. But where has it all started? Think about it—that vaporizer in your hand, who even thought of inventing this? As so many questions circle your mind, the history of vaping is still being made to this day.

Who Invented Vaporizers?

In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert was credited with the invention of the first vaporizer device. He created a modern vape that used a battery-powered device that converted water to inhaled vapor. Gilbert made prototypes, but he fell through commercialization.

Throughout the years, Gilbert could not find any manufacturer to mass-produce his products. Due to connection issues, he decided to watch his patent crumble. However, notable entrepreneurs picked up Gilbert’s invention five decades later.

Who is Hon Lik?

Hon Lik found Gilbert’s ideas and inventions. In 2003, Lik commercialized vapes with the intent of helping cigarette/tobacco smokers to quit the habit. Lik transformed the original design into a modern-day vaporizer. He made the device fashionable, convenient, and portable for simple use and easy mobility. The aesthetic of the traditional cigarette inspired the first generations of Lik’s vaporizers. The major breakthrough of vaporizers started when Lik mass-produced the device in China. This matter did not take long to spread to the residing countries.

What Does The Future of Vaping Look Like?

In some countries, vaping is completely banned. However, other countries have no restrictions on vaporizing products whatsoever. Currently, in the US, there is a law regarding the ban on flavored vapes—this issue is still in process.


Vaping has come a long way and has a purposeful story like any other invention. So, next time you are having a session with your friends, think about the people who brought the popularity of vapes. In the meantime, browse our website,, and check out our latest vaporizers!