How Do I Clean My Dry Herb Vape?

Mar 4, 2024

How Do I Clean My Dry Herb Vape? with Wulf Flora vaporizers resting on lightning textured display

They say that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but they also say you only live once and I’m pretty sure that guy got a second go of it so… Any hoo, no matter whether you're doing it for brownie points with the all high or if you are getting a head start on spring cleaning, the experts down at Wulf Mods have a couple tips for getting your vape sparkling clean.

Step Negative One - When Should I Clean It?

When it's a dirty moron! Sorry my mood is off because lately while I’ve been using my dry herb vape, for some reason the flavor is off, it’s not drawing correctly, and I feel my clouds are a little smaller than usual. What? Those are all signs that my vaporizer needs to be cleaned? Who’d of thunk! Time for step one!

Man holding Wulf Next under purple and blue studio lighting

Step One - Empty It Out After Every Use

We will admit that this step is easier said than done, but on the other side of the coin it’s easier done than not done, ya dig? So next time you’ve just rocked a righteous session, remember to open your dry herb vaporizer and dump out the already vaped materials before you go see a film, grab a bite to eat, or catch some relaxing z’s. Dry herb that has just been vaped is much easier to knock free than if it has been sitting there for a day. Doing this regularly will save you from nasty material build up and make the following steps much easier.

Step Two - Scrape Out Old Materials

Out with the old and in with the new. Whether your vaporizer came with an included cleaning brush like the Wulf Next Vaporizer or if you are using a standard cotton swab it’s important to gently remove the material from your vaporizer in order not to puncture or scratch any of the inner workings. Some vaporizers require more disassembly than others but either way just remember to clearly set all parts out on your table so that when it’s time to assemble there’s no missing pieces of the puzzle. Spend some time making sure all the tiny pieces of extraneous material are dislodged from all crevices or metal screens before moving onto step three.

Wulf LX Slim resting open and apart on black display with packaging behind

Step Three - Cleaning Products

Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol, isopropyl alcohol to be precise. As your vape is in and around your mouth during use there is a whole host of unwanted germs hanging out that you should periodically purge. Additionally materials left or stuck within the dry herb vaporizer itself could become contaminated over time and lead to issues with function and taste. To combat this simply dip a q-tip lightly with a small amount of isopropyl before swabbing gently at the dry herb container and vaping screen. Pro tip - flip your vape upside down if possible to prevent any unwanted seepage from the alcohol, additionally make sure to run your vape for a cycle post cleaning to make sure any leftover liquid is cleared from the chamber before new material is placed in. After this make sure to wipe down the area to dry it and make sure all material has been removed. Following this you can use any common antibacterial wet wipe to clean the body and mouth piece of the vaporizer, this is a good step to do every so often even if you aren’t doing a full chamber clean out.

Step Four - Back to Ripping and Roaring

Now that your dry herb vape has been completely emptied, disinfected, and wiped down you are ready to reload that thang and get back to work enjoying your favorite newly cleaned vape. Be sure to check out Wulf Mods full range of dry herb vapes as they have a model for every occasion be it on the go with the Flora Portable or the more versatile two in one concentrate dry herb capable Evolve Plus XL DUO.

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