Product Spotlight: The Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Vaporizer

May 28, 2024by Ian Black
Product Spotlight: The Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Vaporizer

Come one, come all, because we’ve got a new addition to the pack and they’re already making name for themselves; the Wulf Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Vaporizer. The Recon 4G gets its title from having two 510 threaded connection ports to allow for 2 separate cartridges, each up to 2 grams in size.

Thus 2 grams + 2 grams = the Wulf Recon 4G.

Follow along the pack as in this Wulf Blog we are going to put the spotlight on the Recon 4G to give you a comprehensive rundown of what makes this vaporizer a bonafide instant classic.

Two 510 Threaded Ports, Two 2g Cartridges

So what’s down low on the Recon 4G? Well it gets off to a great start with a 650mAh battery, 10 second preheat, and 5 built in voltage settings (1.8, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2v). Following that the Recon has an ultra visible OLED screen with all your session info (puff counter, battery, ect.) and highly convenient USB-C charging capabilities.

Sounds normal right? Well here comes the twist…

Instead of having just one 510 threaded connection, when you open up the Recon 4G you will find two identical ports on the left and the right of your vaporizer. These allow you to load up your Recon 4G with not just one, but two full sized 2 gram cartridges at the same time.

All you have to do is choose your two cartridges, gently thread them into the 510 connection, and you’re all set to get vaping. The Recon 4G utilizes a magnetic connection for its base to make switching your cartridges in as easy as possible.

One Switch - Three Settings

In order to operate your Recon 4G all you have to do is locate the toggle switch on the bottom of your device. Use this to switch between the three different cartridge options; left, right, and double cart. For a helpful reminder, your Recon 4G screen will display either L, R, or D; this lets you know which side you're currently vaping from on the fly.

Wulf Recon 4G apart resting near random devices

A Whole New World of Flavors

One of the most important and all encompassing factors in your cloud blowing enjoyment is whether or not you enjoy the flavor of your vapor. For the longest time, the only control you had over this particular flavor aspect was to simply switch your cartridge and move on.

With the Recon 4G you can now finally amend this issue, by mixing your vapor together with the double cartridge option you are now able to customize your very own flavor pallet.

Enjoy a fruity flavor but would still like that hint of mint? Combine a mint and strawberry cartridge to produce a never before vaped 1:1 hybrid of minty infused strawberries. Switch between them at your leisure before switching to double cartridge mode to tailor your clouds to exactly how you feel.

When it comes to mixing flavors the sky really is the limit. You have the option to try two polar opposite cartridges or simply mix two similar ones to create your own perfect combo. There’s no wrong way to experiment with your Recon 4G and figuring out which combination flavor is your favorite is immensely rewarding.

Much like going crazy at the soda fountain or getting freaky with the toppings on your frozen yogurt, the rush of hand crafting your own creation is immensely alluring. That’s why we recommend the Recon 4G to all those out there who like to personalize their experiences.

Mix and Match with Your Friends

Next time you're enjoying a session with your friends you can swap in one of their cartridges to create on the fly combos. Did your bestie just get a sweet new cart? Throw it into your Recon 4G to test it out on its own before switching to double mode, to see how it fares when combined with your other favorite carts.

Thanks to the easy nature of the toggle system, switching back and forth with your friends is dead easy. You can show up and be the true life of the party as you have everyone clamoring to get their cartridge into the mix.

Explore New Brands

Thanks to the Recon 4G’s ability to house two gram cartridges, you are going to have access to as wide a swath of brands as possible. As long as they are 510 threaded and within 2 grams in size they will work perfectly with the Recon 4G, this is great because most cartridges on the market fit this standard.

Not only that but since you can easily switch between your mainstay cartridge and a new one you are testing out; trying a new brand isn’t as daunting. With just the flick of a switch you will be back to your standard, no need to physically swap your cartridges.

This allows you to keep that second cartridge around specific situations or timings. You can have one side of the Recon 4G ready for daytime and the other for night time relaxation. This gives you unparalleled versatility in your sessions all while only having to carry one vaporizer.

Woman holding Wulf Recon 4G in hand in front of purple studio background

In Conclusion

Now that we know a little bit more about the potent combination power of the Recon 4G it's time to say goodbye and good luck in all of your cartridge experimentation! The world is truly your oyster now so take advantage of your on the fly swapping to mix with friends, create your own tailored creations, and above all else just have fun!

For more info and tips from us, be sure to check out our Vaporizer Blog!