Product Spotlight: The Wulf Micro Max Arrives

Apr 24, 2024
Product Spotlight: Wulf Micro Max Has Arrived Blog Banner

The Vaping Stork has just landed at our Wulf Offices and delivered the newborn power of our very own Micro Max Cartridge Vaporizer with its versatile 2g cartridge capacity meeting the portable power of a 650mAh battery. This is truly one you can bring home to Mama thanks to an innovative magnetic ring attachment system that revolutionizes how you are connecting and swapping your cartridges.

Putting a bow on the delivery is 4 preset temperature settings (2.7, 3.2, 3.7, and 4.2v), USB-C charging, 2 magnetic rings, preheat functionality, and accommodation of carts up to 16mm in size. Now that you know a little bit about the new Micro Max cartridge vaporizer let's take a bit of a deep dive on what makes this little guy just so special.

If You Like it Put a Magnetic Ring on It

The Micro Max brings innovation to the simple act of connecting your cartridge with its magnetic adapter ring technology that allows for seamless switching all the while maintaining a stronger connection than normal. When you first get your Micro Max you will notice that it comes with a set of two 510 threaded magnetic ring adapters that attach to the bottom of any compatible cartridges up to 2g in size. All you have to do is gently screw it onto your cartridge threads before dropping it into your Micro Max chamber, you’ll know its in correctly when you hear the satisfying metallic *click* of it locking in. Once connected your cartridge is ready to rip and will stay safely attached to your Micro Max all session long.

Wulf Micro Max packaging and full color device standing on white marble counter with greenery and splatter colors

It Takes 2 Grams To Tango

One of the most impressive abilities of the Micro Max is that it opens you up to the world of 2 gram cartridges and all the benefits they can provide. Many brands offer different types of cartridges that can often be larger than your standard 1 gram cart, which leaves you out of luck if your vape can’t handle them. There’s no such worry with the Micro Max as it is able to take either your 1 gram carts or your 2 grams and thanks to two included magnetic adapters you can easily swap between your choices!

Expertly Pre-Programmed Voltage Settings

Wulf Mods Micro Max has been set up to make your oil sessions as smooth as possible thanks to extensively tested voltage settings that are made to offer unique yet equally valuable options to your cartridge enjoyment. The four voltages come in at 2.7v, 3.2v, 3.7v, and 4.2v to offer you a diverse swath of heating options to tailor your Micro Max specifically to the type of cartridge you are using. Lower voltages will conserve your oil more while also providing you with a cooler less harsh hit. Higher voltages will use more oil to boost the flavor profiles, potency, and volume of cloud that you blow. Both options have their fans so we recommend switching between the options to find your favorite!

Important to keep in mind is that different cartridges will have different reactions to the voltage, so it's not a one size fits all solution. In order to swap the voltage setting on your Micro Max simply press the power button 3 times in rapid succession and watch as the color on the LED changes to indicate which level you are on. The colors correspond to their respective voltage level in the following order; 2.7 - Green, 3.2 - Blue, 3.7 - Yellow, and 4.2 - Red.

woman with long nails holding Wulf Micro Max

Potent Pre-Heating

The Micro Max runs with the pack when it comes to the inclusion of pre-heating functionality that has become a must have feature in devices across the industry. With two rapid clicks of your power button you will see the Micro Max’s LED light begin to cycle between colors for 15 seconds as your oil is slowly prepped for you. Pre-Heating allows you to guarantee that your cartridge is reaching the correct temperature by heating the element subtly before you draw. This provides a great way to blow massive clouds and also take the perfectly prepped hit anytime you want with just two clicks of the power button.

What’s In The Box?!?

The Micro Max is a full package all by itself as within your box you will receive the device, 2 magnetic rings for adapting your cartridges, and a dedicated USB-C charging cable. This allows for you to have two separate cartridges all ready to go with your Micro Max to make sure changing between them is as easy and secure as possible. Having a dedicated included USB-C cable will ensure that you have a way to properly charge your Micro Max so as to not damage its battery.

The Smallest Biggest Cloud Blowing Vape in Town

Now that you know a thing or two about the Micro Max it's time for you to fill out that adoption paperwork and take one home from the vape pound. With a long lasting battery, quick charging, and innovative 2g capacity the Micro Max is here to make sure that you're getting the most out of your oils without having to spend an arm and a leg. So take advantage of all the premium portable power packed into the Micro Max and grab one for yourself today! Choose your favorite from the 9 color options including awesome highlights like the red-black spatter or a full color shine!