Product Spotlight: Wulf Mods Spire Pen Torch

Jun 17, 2024
Product Spotlight: Wulf Mods Spire Pen Torch

The Spire Pen Torch is a brand new release from our design labs and has been specially crafted to offer you the most portable torch possible without skimping on any essential features.

We can proudly say that with the Spire we have not only met those goals, but exceeded them beyond our furthest imaginations. The torch works impeccably well, is incredibly compact, and features some of our best spatter designs yet!

Keep reading this Wulf Blog to check out some of the sizzling features of the Spire and learn why this is the torch you need for a hot dab summer 2024!

Flame temperature

The Spire’s flame burns at a blisteringly hot 2,372˚F, which will have your banger brought to heat in no time as the standard dab range is around 450 - 550˚F.

That means the Spire is going to have no problem getting your banger to the perfect temperature and you can spend less time waiting for your dabs to finally be ready.

As the flame runs so hot, always be careful when operating it and make sure your banger is in a safe location when heating.

Man holding Wulf Spire in front of teal studio background

Adjusting Flame Length

Customize your Spire’s flame length to match your specific session needs with the easily accessible dial located on the bottom of your torch.

The dial system is the series of notches surrounding your butane filling port and is marked with both + and - symbols to let you know which way you need to rotate it.

In order to rotate the flame adjuster, grab an adjustment tool or a small screwdriver and gently adjust the dial until you’ve reached your desired setting.

Pen Shaped Possibilities

It's important to remember that all of the ferociously fiery abilities have all been condensed into the incredibly compact form of a standard pen body.

As the Spire measures in at just 4.25” tall and .74” wide, it is considerably smaller than even the tiniest torch on the market right now! Instead of having to bring along a massive butane torch from home depot or a slightly more compact version from the smoke shop, we’ve given you the freedom to travel lightly while still having a seriously powerful torch with you.

This opens up a whole range of possibilities as now your favorite dab rigs can come along for the ride whether you are camping, glamping, or visiting a friend!

No matter what you need from the Spire, it will be there right next to you as it can easily fit in any bag or backpack.

This also improves your safety as the Spire only requires a fraction of the butane required to function when compared to their larger cousins out there.

Stainless Steel Construction

For added safety and longevity, the Spire has been specially crafted from the most premium of stainless steel materials.

This gives it the utmost heat resistance so that you can have extended dabbing sessions, all the while your Spire stays cool as a cucumber. Leave overheating for the beach!

The stainless steel body also provides you with unparalleled durability, this lets you bring it along for adventures without having to constantly worry about it getting damaged.

Man holding Wulf Spire in front of purple studio background

Color Options

While we’ve already told you how fire the internals of the Spire are, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention just how stunningly gorgeous the body designs on them are!

From the creative minds of our Wulf Design Team, 9 different spatter designs have been born with the implicit goal of upping your sessions vibes.

Instead of your regular plain jane torches, the Spire has wildly stimulating options like the full color spatter and black-purple spatter that bring all the proper feng shui to your sesh.

The Spire and You

Now that we have the full picture of the Spire you can finally properly appreciate how much premium power is contained within these small torches and all for an incredibly affordable price point that is drastically more affordable than torches on the market today!

Look over the 9 available colors options on the Spire’s home page to see which one speaks to you, simply click on each of the colors to see a picture of what your torch would look like!

For more vaping tips and announcements, make sure to check out the rest of our Wulf Blog postings to stay up to date on all of our cutting edge developments! Now get out there and get to dabbing with your new Spire!