Vape-Friendly Cities You Need To Visit

Dec 14, 2022

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Vaping is common nowadays, so many of us don’t really worry about the required guidelines that need to be followed when we travel to a specific destination. Traveling and vaping can be difficult, mostly if you are unaware of your destination’s state laws. Researching your destination’s laws and regulations is always recommended when traveling. Here are a few cities in the United States that are vape-friendly:

Las Vegas, Nevada

This one isn’t quite a surprise, but Vegas is known as Sin City. You can practically vape anywhere you’d like in Sin City—the streets, in casinos, and even inside hotel rooms. Vegas is known to also host famous vaping conventions.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado is quite a lenient state when it comes to vaping. Vaping rules and regulations in Denver are up to the business owners. Because of Denver’s laidback rules, there are plenty of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars in Denver that accept vaping indoors.

Overhead View of Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is mostly known for its rain and nature hikes, so this one might be a shocker as many people from Seattle do not brag about puffing and huffing. Seattle has more than 30 restaurants and bars that allow vaping and more than 50 vape shops in the city itself.

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island seems to keep it simple! There are no vaping bans or regulations anywhere. Providence, which is the most populated city in Rhode Island, has a variety of vape shops and vape lounges for dedicated vapers to enjoy!

View of Miami Florida


Miami, Florida

We all know that Miami is where the party is at! Miami is an extremely vape-friendly place where it is known that there are roughly seven vape shops per 100,000 people. Enjoy your stay and freedom in Miami!

Austin, Texas

Live music is never complete without puffs! Texas does not prevent people who vape from puffing their devices in many of Austin’s bars, lounges, and even coffee shops.

Tucson Arizona overhead View

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is a very lenient town that welcomes the vaping community with open arms. There are over 160 vape shops and lounges in Arizona. However, there is a statewide smoking ban, but this does not apply to portable or disposable vaporizers.

It is beneficial to understand the strict guidelines of the destination you are heading to. Every state and city is different, so we recommend you conduct light research before arriving. Make sure to check out our vaporizers to bring to your next trip. Overall, enjoy your stay and keep puffing!