What is Vaper’s Tongue and How Can You Avoid It?

Jan 11, 2023by Julianne Bautista

How to Avoid Vaper's Tongue with girl blowing out vape

You might have experienced a bizarre factor when you’re constantly vaping—you lose your vape’s flavor! When you suddenly lose a vape’s potent taste, it is called a Vaper’s Tongue. A Vaper’s Tongue is an old term used when you instantly feel unable to taste your vape juice. This situation is quite common and will naturally go away on its own if you follow these simple steps:

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Switch to a Newer Flavor

A sudden inability to taste can be strange and frustrating. We know that every vaper has their own all-time favorite flavor, but it is advised that to prevent a Vaper’s Tongue, you must switch out your flavors every once in a while. If you’re puffing the same flavor often, it will eventually be less potent than the first hit. Use this method to experiment with different brands and flavors you don’t usually vape. Give your everyday device a break and return to it later once the Vaper’s Tongue has calmed down.

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The Wonders of Palette Cleansing

Many vapers are content with curing a Vaper’s Tongue with just a sip of water; however, there are many other substitutes that can help as well. Just like at a sushi restaurant, servers provide their customers with ginger to cleanse their taste buds after every bite of nigiri. In a vaping sense, ginger can also help you get rid of a Vaper’s Tongue.

Explore the wonders of cleansing your taste with natural food. You may succeed with a more strongly flavored palate cleanser, such as black coffee, lemon wedges or juice, unsweetened tea, milk, etc.

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Taking Longer Breaks In Between Sessions

If you happen to vape a lot and somehow can’t put your device down long enough, it will take a turn on the flavors. It is advised to take longer breaks between your sessions to give your taste buds a rest. A tip is to distract yourself from being too dependent on your vape. Remember that it will all be worth it after some time.


The main point of vaping is to enjoy its potent flavors, and it can be extremely frustrating to have the inability to suddenly not gain any taste. From simply taking breaks to managing your palette, there are many easy ways to regain your sense back to normal. Try our vaporizers that provide the best puffs of your materials at WulfMods.com!