How to Fix Your Vape’s Troubleshooting Problems

Apr 4, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Why Does My Vape Keep Blinking with Wulf Next in man's handEvery vaper dislikes an interrupted session. When your vaporizer keeps blinking, this usually means a particular troubleshooting issue needs to be fixed. Like every other vaporizing device, Wulf Mods vaporizers can generate blinking lights to indicate something is wrong. There are several ways to repair these problems, so don’t just throw your device away! Here are some ways to fix the issue:

Why Does My Vape Keep Blinking?

Depending on how many times your vaporizer blinks, it states that there is a particular issue that needs to be adjusted. Attachment failure, maintenance issues, and low-resistance coils cause the most common troubleshooting problems. These problems, however, are not to be scared of, as they can easily be fixed.

Wulf Blinking Vapes

What Happens If My Vape Flashes 3X?

For Wulf products, when a device blinks 3X—this means that there is a short circuit. 

To fix this issue, make sure the magnet is attached correctly. If this issue is still happening, try using an alternative magnet.

Another tip to remember is to ensure your cartridge and its coils are not too burnt out from overuse. If the coils are too worn, try to get yourself a new cartridge, as old coils can damage your device further.

What Happens If My Vape Flashes 5X?

When a vape blinks 5X, there is a problem with the connection. Your cartridge must be correctly connected to your magnet—never screw it on too tight or loose. Remember that your cartridge needs proper airflow to produce clouds.

First, clean the interior of your vaporizer with a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol, and you should be ready for a session.

What Happens If My Vape Flashes 10X?

When your device blinks 10X rapidly, this could mean an issue with its power. This means that your battery needs to be charged, and if your vaporizer is not charging, then give us a call!

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