Everything You Need To Know About Burnt Hits

Jan 18, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Burnt Hits with Wulf Duo sitting on park table

After a long day, all you’re craving is a good hit off of your handy vaporizer. You take a strong inhale and realize that your device is giving you burnt tastes—what do you do? When a vape tastes burnt, it can ruin a session and be frustrating to repair. Many vapers don’t look into solving this problem, as many just toss their device and buy a new one. There are many remedies for preventing burnt hits, but first, you need to understand their cause.

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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Don’t worry too much when your vape tastes a bit off! Burnt tastes typically come from the atomizer after being overused. When an old coil warms up, its wick burns rather than the oils or concentrates you are trying to consume. You may also experience a burnt taste when the material doesn’t thoroughly saturate the wick. Instead of heating the material, the wick produces a hit that tastes bitter, which leads to an uncomfortable intake.

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How To Avoid Burnt Hits

Make sure that before anything, your main goal in preventing burnt hits is to keep the wick away from flaring. Here are three ways to prevent burnt tokes from happening:

Replace Coils Regularly

Understand that regularly replacing coils is a fantastic way to avoid getting disgusting, scorched hits. Replace your coils when you know they are close to the end of their use. A way to know you need new coils is when you hear rippling noises from your device.

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Try Dry Herb Vaping

Many dry herb vaporizers use convection heating, rarely giving burnt hits. The reason being is the temperature of its heating chamber is never high enough to cause ignition. Eventually, herbs will get colorless and scorched, but you will never get a burnt hit from dry herb vapes.

Use Disposables

If you don't like constantly maintaining your vaporizer, consider switching to disposable vaporizers. Single-use devices have enough power to run out simultaneously as their oil does. If a disposable vape does give you a burnt taste, then prevent excessive power or damage and avoid overheating your device.


Burnt hits on your tastebuds are never a pleasant experience. It takes effort and dedication to get rid of scorching rips from your device, but it is worth every action if it will result in the most flavorful session. Make sure to check out more of our vaporizers and visit WulfMods.com!