Product Spotlight: Wulf Mods Dab Rite Pro Digital IR Thermometer

19 feb 2024

Product Spotlight: Wulf Mods Dab Rite Pro Digital IR Thermometer

If you are a daily dabber, you’ll need to check out our latest product—the Wulf Mods Dab Rite Pro Digital IR Thermometer is your answer to the perfect dabs. This Wulf and Dab Rite Pro product is a collaboration meant to upgrade your sessions. Compatible with rigs, mats, and many more, it offers precise temperature control with a German-made IR sensor. With the Wulf Dab Rite, you can enjoy easy monitoring with its full-color screen and light & sound alerts for perfect dabs every time. It has a 10-inch arm, customizable alerts, pre-set profiles, LED guide light, and automatic shut-off for convenience. This perfection is available in two colors: Black-Red Spatter and Purple-Black Spatter.

Great First Impressions

The Wulf Dab Rite Pro comes in a complete set, allowing you to have the best dabbing session. With its first look, you’ll immediately notice its unique Wulf Mods signature of colorful spatter. Meant for portability, this collaboration device comes with a Wulf Dab Rite PRO microfiber cloth and a sturdy carrying case for taking your dabs to go.

Wulf Dab Rite Pro resting in person's lap with second unit nearby on wooden table

Clear and Detailed

The Wulf Dab Rite Pro offers a full-color screen that allows you to fix your settings and navigate through your sessions. For instance, if you wish to personalize your temperature alarm sounds, simply use the left and right buttons to browse through a range of custom tunes.

Perfect Temperature At All Times

Dab Rite goes by its name! With this device, you are always certain to have the perfect temperature. Once your banger reaches the preset temperature, it will beep, ensuring you consistently achieve the ideal temperature for maximum flavor.

Precise Dab Sessions

Providing accurate temperature, the Wulf Dab Rite Pro will never fail to give you the best hits of your extracts. The Wulf Dab Rite Pro will state when your dabs are too hot or low, and it will also make a chime when it is ready to dunk.

Close-up of Wulf Dab Rite Pro on wooden desk

Final Thoughts

Never miss out on a perfect dab hit! The Wulf Dab Rite Pro collaboration will never let you down. From its impressive, durable packaging to its ability to deliver precise sessions, the Wulf Dab Rite Pro offers a tailored approach to enjoying your favorite wax extracts. Try out this device, and you'll never be let down!

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